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Book publishing services company dedicated to your success.

Amazon and multiple other channels have made the act of publishing a book free and easy. Anyone can upload a book and have it available for sale within 24 hours.

We’ve worked with countless authors from Australia to the United States across all kinds of genre, so we know that the real difficulty of self-publishing comes during the pre-publishing and post-publishing phase.

In the pre-publishing phase, the challenge is in figuring out what files you need and how to make those files meet the specifications.

Post-publishing, the challenge is in figuring out how to get a large audience to know about your book and want to pay for it.

Our difference

Each of our services come with at least a unique point of difference.

For our book cover design service, we implement a structured process that involves an account manager and a designer. Typically an author won’t be able to “speak design” on the same level as designers. This creates a communication problem that causes frustration and low customer satisfaction at agencies who only have designers. In addition, the increased efficiency of our process allows us to lower the prices of our covers. For the same level of quality, we are at least half the price of our competitor.

For our book formatting service, we have both design and software personnel for ebook and print book formatting. Because we do not use surface-level conversion tools, we are able to create fault-free files. In addition, we offer a worldwide price-match service to guarantee the absolute lowest price on what we offer.

For our news promotion service of putting authors in the news, we have a proven process that allows us to guarantee the placement of authors on major news sites. While other companies are offering guaranteed distribution – where distribution only means that they promise to reach out to the news sites via their contacts or otherwise – we have a 100% money back guarantee if our author does not get the specified media coverage.

All the information regarding the individual publishing services can be found on their respective pages. It includes our statistics, past work, client feedback and a few frequently asked questions.

If you have other questions about our service, just email us at admin@ebookorprint.com.

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