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Over 80% of our orders require only 1 revision, and 1.6 revisions on average. Some require no revision.

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Exceptional quality, affordable prices

If the entire world’s design quality and prices could be put on a scale of 100 points, what we provide is 90 points of quality for 40 points on the price scale.

We are not the cheapest option out there, but if you need to ensure quality then we absolutely deliver the most quality per dollar.

We all know that feeling – when a good Facebook image stops you in your tracks. You stop scrolling and start thinking: “what’s this product about?” or “where is this place?

These are the exact kind of book covers we produce.

Perhaps your potential reader was scrolling through his/her Facebook feed and saw your ad.

Or perhaps your potential reader was looking for a book on Amazon but noticed your book instead.

What would make him/her stop to think: “what is this book about?

Similar to a Tinder profile (or any other dating app), the first image you present to your target audience is absolutely crucial. Of course, it’s never only about the image. That’s why we are a team. We create the imagery that piques the reader’s curiosity, and then your book summary seals the deal.


Professionally-structured agency

Most agencies are a bunch of designers who happened to team up, and may not be fully equipped with the knowledge of business processes and communication.

At Ebook or Print, all clients are assigned an account manager. After you submit your order, it is the account manager’s job to understand your requirements and to translate that into a design brief for our designers to work on. All our account managers have a working knowledge of Photoshop and have at least self-published on Amazon, if not more. They are equipped with understanding client requirements, given they have tried publishing before, and also know how to “speak designer” – effectively bridging the communication gap. (It is not that designers teaming up is bad, but simply that we are doing it better.)


Focused on best practices

We track all jobs from start to finish in order to identify problem areas and bottlenecks. This has helped us to improve our process with every single order. Our choice of placing an account manager in between the client and our designers is not just an attempt to show that we are different. Our design quality does not change by having an account manager, don’t be mistaken. What changes is the degree of frustration one may face if the designer is unable to effectively understand the client’s requirements, and cannot ask the correct questions in order to ascertain what the client really wants.

We also track best sellers’ lists of the various genres in order to see what designs are currently selling well. Of course, a book relies on more than just its cover design to sell but it’s important to see where the design world is moving in terms of styles and techniques. Just look at how websites have evolved from the past until now. The most popular websites nowadays have a look that is more consistent with each other, rather than becoming more different. This is due to designers adopting best practices over time.


Honest and fair

What you get when you work with us is that you own the design 100%, with no terms attached. The last thing you want is to think you got a great design for US$50, only to get a rude shock when the designer says that you must pay extra for a high-quality version, commercial rights, or any other weird conditions. While we are not the cheapest book cover design option out there, our pricing is upfront and honest because that’s our working style. We do ask that you allow us to use your cover as a testimonial in our portfolio, but you can always say no if you don’t want us to.

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Client feedback

We call them feedback rather than testimonials because none of these were solicited. We sent them our work and they replied with their raw, honest opinions.

Kathryn Casey

Kathryn Casey (KC) is an award-winning journalist, who has written for Rolling Stone, TV Guide, Reader's Digest, Texas Monthly, and many other publications. KC has appeared on Oprah, Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen network, Biography, Nancy Grace, E! network, truTV, Investigation Discovery, the Travel Channel, and A&E.

(If the below links are updated, you can always search Kathryn Casey on the HarperCollins website or the book titles on Amazon.)

Feedback #1

“.. couldn’t be more a perfect design (sic) for what I envisioned. I’m in tears because I love it so much.”

“.. I have 11 more books.. and I’d like to hire you to do the rest of them.”

– Michelle Cook, author of Beneath the Canopy

What happened?

Michelle first tried out our service by ordering 1 cover for her total line-up of 12 books. We designed our order form based on plenty of past experience and it really shows here. By asking the right questions, and also the right number of questions, we were able to quickly understand what she was looking for. We made no revisions to the design of this cover.

We also became her designer of choice for her next 11 books without asking, and she offered to put our name on a few blogs she wrote for – which is a huge plus.

Actual email from Michelle Cook:

Feedback #2

“.. a scale from the concrete to more abstract.. For now I am blown away by the quality of these images..”

– John McNamara, author of The Tethered Man and The Fortnight of the Ostrich

What happened?

John came to us with a rough idea in mind, and told us to work our creativity. We recommended the 3-design package for him so that he would have more options to consider. As you can see from his email, we provided 3 designs that were vastly different. (No, we do not just change the background or text color from one cover to the next and consider that a new concept)

Most importantly, each design was high in quality and the customer was satisfied. In the end, he just had to make a decision and go with 1 style.

Actual email from John McNamara:

Feedback #3

“.. I really look forward to using your services again. This process has been so professional and smooth.”

– Nikki Alston, author of When The Tables Turn

What happened?

Nikki was a first-time author when she first came across us. We pride ourselves on being fair and honest, both with regards to our process and pricing. While some designers may over-charge first-timers and possibly produce shoddy work, we offer a published price and made all the revisions required.

In addition, this was a perfect display of our upload guarantee. Nikki did not finish her book until 8 months later, when she finally had a page number. We adjusted her book cover to make sure it would fit, despite her coming back to us only 8 months later.

Actual email from Nikki Alston:


Package 1


  • One custom made front/eBook cover
  • Five day delivery
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Ultra high-quality image for web and all electronic devices/e-readers
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • You own all rights, whether personal, commercial or otherwise. No weird terms here.
  • Upload warranty
  • Add-on 1: 2 additional design concepts
  • Add-on 2: 3D realistic mock ups
  • Add-on 3: Social media covers/advertisements

Package 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email us at admin@ebookorprint.com if you have additional questions

Q: Do you have any pre-made book covers for sale?

We do not offer any pre-made book covers for 2 reasons. First, most of the time a pre-made design only fits 30-50% of an author’s requirement. If we still need to spend time editing the other 50-70%, we prefer to get it right the first time. Second, pre-made book covers are typically made when a designer or agency has downtime. Over the past 1.5 years, we have had pretty packed schedules just devoting our time to creating custom book cover designs that delight. Every order is created from a blank canvas, and no template or pre-made is used.

Q: What is your process?

The first step is for you to fill out our guided order form, which contain the questions we need to understand what you are looking for and also your book’s details. We will then review your order and follow up with questions if we require clarifications. You can even ask questions within the form, as we manually review every order. Once your book cover is done and you are satisfied with the design, we will produce all necessary upload-ready/print-ready files so you can take those exact files and just upload or print them immediately.

Q: How long does the process take?

Once you provide us all the details required in our guided order form, the first draft is produced in 5-7 days. Thereafter, you can request for revisions if needed. For example you might like the font on cover 1 but prefer the model on cover 2, so we will just switch that around. Over 80% of our orders only require 1 design revision. Most of our revisions come from authors requiring an author photo swap or noticing errors in their back cover text. Of course each revision adds at least a couple of days to the total process length, so do take note of that.

Q: What will I get with my order?

Please refer to the pricing section above, as we offer add-ons that you can choose from as well. At minimum, you will always get the eBook and/or print book cover along with full rights because that’s just how we do business.

Q: There are cheaper freelancers, why you?

The short answer is quality per dollar. If you were to think about quality and price on a 100-point scale, we offer 90 points of quality for 40 points of “expensive-ness”.

Most of the time, you get what you pay for. Cheaper freelancers ask for lower rates because they know they cannot ask for too much when competing against us. There could be occasions where the freelancer is very good, but is charging a lower rate temporarily to build his/her portfolio. However, the time spent finding such rising talent could be weeks, months, or even not found – for just $50 in savings.

And finally, a happy process requires a professional touch. There are plenty of nightmare stories about total communication breakdowns when dealing with single freelancers, because who else can you turn to when things go wrong? In agencies, we have juniors, seniors, and managers – or at least we do, since we are a professional agency. (Not those where 3-4 freelancers decide to team up and open an “agency”)

Q: Do your book covers fit Amazon?

Over 99% of our authors publish their book on Amazon and about 70% of them publish exclusively to Amazon. So we have the expertise to create covers that are Amazon-compliant. In addition, creating a book cover that meets Amazon’s requirements will take care of over 95% of publishers/printers. If you are using a custom printer, just inform us when ordering and we will let you know what are the 3 measurements we need.

We make your book cover fit, wherever you want to distribute to.