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Work quality

100% upload compliant for ALL channels. Reliability and consistency that you can trust.

Table of Contents

Beautifully crafted table of contents for any book. Provides superior reading and navigation experience for the Kindle or any e-reader. Optional for fiction books.

Beautiful Chapters

Start every chapter with a bang. Your writing is important, but so is the first impression.

The Perfect Ending

From front matter to your ending notes, we ensure that its visual representation matches up to what you are expressing.

Stress-free formatting

Don't spend hours (or days!) messing around in Microsoft Word and trying to figure out the upload requirements of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple etc. Get rid of all your frustrations with our starting price of just US$59. Our process: You send us your manuscript, we format it, and you can upload it immediately.


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Guaranteed best price worldwide

Price-matched on every order

Guaranteed upload

We know every major channel (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, you name it)

Guaranteed satisfaction

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Basic Formatting

US$59per manuscript
  • Variable cost: Add $2 for each 10k words
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Advanced styles

We can craft any style for any book. Any channel: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, custom printers etc.Any file type: Print book or digital eBook for the Kindle, iBooks or more.

Why do authors choose us?

Our short story, and more customer testimonials to follow.

As a professional book design agency, we constantly speak to authors and know their pain. You probably love writing and want to make a living from your books. Yet you also know that a book which looks bad, whether it’s the cover or the internal page layout, makes you look bad. This is why we introduced our second author service – professional book formatting.

Choosing us over other formatting services is a no-brainer because of our price-match guarantee. We give you the same, professional-looking book, at the lowest price worldwide.

Before you start to think about free automatic converters, just remember that there is no free lunch in the world. Could they have hidden terms somewhere that gives them rights to your manuscript, similar to what we see hidden in some face/photo-editing app?

Assuming that it really is free with no strings attached, an automated conversion service always comes with some restriction. Maybe it’s a simple watermark or a credit, which is fair. But what if you needed some changes here and there because the converter didn’t really do a good job?

The smarter choice

Manual services are always the best except for the price, but we got you covered with our price-match guarantee. You have enough to worry about when it comes to writing your book and then promoting it. Don’t let a bad-looking book make you look bad, because your book could be the first touchpoint that your future readers come to know about.

For just $59 onwards, you can skip the entire process of figuring out bleeds, margins, trim size etc.

Customer testimonials

Extracted from email responses word-for-word, no editing.

“Thank so much for making this so easy for a first-timer in the paperback world. Looking forward to the next time we work together.”

-J. Brackston, a first-time author

“It couldn’t be more perfect! Absolutely amazing.”

-Michelle Cook, author of Beneath the Canopy
and serial author (11 other books)

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Pricing is US$59 per manuscript + US$2 per 10k wordsi.e. 100k word manuscript is US$79 ($59 + $20)

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Formatting process

The hardest part of this process is sending us your manuscript and requirements. Leave the rest to us.

01 Submit your manuscript

Go to our order form and upload your manuscript. During the process, we’ll ask you a few questions and you can take the opportunity to ask any clarifying questions you might have about us or our process.

02 Wait 24 hours

Sit back and relax while we review your manuscript and formatting request. We do this to catch the 10% of manuscripts where formatting may be problematic, or where the request was not entirely clear. For most manuscripts, there should be no problem.

03 Make payment

We will send you an invoice where you can make payment secured by Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

04 Manuscript is formatted

Once payment is made, you will receive your formatted manuscript within 24-48 hours. This file is what you can upload to Amazon or your chosen printer with no edits made. Need changes? Let us know and we’ll fix it.

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