Client case study #1

Our client's initial situation: "I've had only a few sales here and there despite my multiple marketing strategies, and I've had very good reviews, but still, people just don't seem to want to pay a measly $2.99 to buy it and I've lost several hundred dollars."

Results AFTER we got him on various news sites

Client case study #2

Kalm was a first-time author with a full-time job

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How powerful are news sites?

And what exactly will we do for you?

Key details of our international news distribution service

News sites' placements

Guaranteed placements on at least 1 of the top 10 news sites worldwide. These are your brand name news sites such as Yahoo, Fox, ABC etc news networks.

Each of these news websites see over 30 million visitors every month – with Yahoo News at 175 million due to its international reach.

Typically, we secure 30-50 placements for each client.

Click the image below to see rankings and visitor traffic.

News article creation

We create an article, about you and your book, that we know will pass the editorial guidelines for sure. This will be sent to our established media connections.

This is a full article published on the news websites.

100% money back guarantee

Our 100% money back guarantee means that we will deliver to you the agreed upon placements, or else you get all your money back.

Some companies may offer to “reach out” or “distribute” to every single major news network, but do note that “reaching out” simply means making contact like sending an email or making a phone call. They make no guarantee as to whether you will actually appear on the news sites or not – in which there’s no point if you don’t.

Get featured in the news!

Most authors will never get on the news based on their own effort

But this is not their fault. Trying to get featured by various news sites is very competitive. Without the right pitch and the right connections, it becomes a game of luck. You might spend a whole month sending out hundreds of emails with no response, essentially wasting an entire month of your time. All news outlets probably get thousands of emails. Every. Single. Day. The chance of standing out is just too low for the average person. It is precisely for this reason that we introduced our service guarantee. We want to remove all uncertainty. We will get you in the news, or it costs you nothing.

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How do you think your readers will feel when they see you display "As seen on.." along with logos similar to these:

By being on the news, you now gain instant credibility as a featured author.

The best part? While Facebook ads cost around $7 per 1000 people reached and Google ads are $1-$20 per click depending on the product, with our news service it’s $0.05 per 1000 visitors of monthly traffic.

Why are we the #1 choice company?

So it's clear why getting in major news sites will set you apart and boost your book sales, but why choose us?

Why are we the #1 choice company?

So it's clear why getting in major news sites will set you apart and boost your book sales, but why choose us?

How we started

We originally started out offering book cover design (only), adding other services along the way. After completing about 20,000 orders, we found our competitive advantage and today focus on 3 areas:

  1. Book cover design
  2. Book formatting
  3. Book promotion (what you are reading about right now)

Our experience

Our clients include authors published by the big 5 publishing houses – your HarperCollins, Penguin etc – and have been on multiple bestsellers’ lists, so you can be assured of our service standards.

However, the real industry-changing insights came from unknown authors who shared their journey with us. They let us know what worked for them and what didn’t. We knew that getting in the news was the number #1 thing that any author absolutely MUST do, if they want any kind of success with publishing.

Guaranteed placements, else 100% money back

Anyone can offer to help you promote your books but how many services have a guarantee? Some companies even play with words and use the term “guaranteed distribution”, which just means they guarantee that they’ll send it out for you.

Our 100% money back guarantee is for the actual publishing of the article that talks about you and your book.

Go ahead, screenshot this section and the above for your assurance. (How many companies put their guarantee upfront like we do?)

Ready to get your book on major news sites?

Apply online or schedule a callback by providing a brief description of your book. This form will achieve the following:

  1. Our consultant will assess your suitability for our offering based on your information provided. Therefore please provide as much information as possible.
  2. We will provide some common tips and pitfalls to watch out for when it comes to marketing your book.
  3. We will answer any question you may have, so that any doubts will be clarified and you can get started immediately.

Apply online

Have any questions? Use the buttons above and apply online or schedule a call. There will be a section for your questions. Our consultant will then get in touch.

If the form is not working, email us at but do include some basic information about your book in order for us to assess your situation.

Due to the large number of applicants, please allow up to 24 hours for a response on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.

Client case study #3

Increasing Rachel's profitability on Facebook ad spend

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Client case study #4

Edward tried the free outreach method and decided it just wasn't worth his time (since he's quite senior)

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Still have questions?

Simply schedule a time with us and we'll call you back, or apply online via our form and there's a section where you can enter your questions. Please note that due to overwhelming demand, inquiries that include basic information about their book will be prioritised over others.

We understand that this may not be for everyone, and our consultant will advise each author based on their specific situation.

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