How do you feel when you reach the website of a business that displays the below?

“I’ve seen this stall featured in the news.”

“I heard this business was opened by -insert famous, credible person-“

If you’ve said or heard something similar to the above, then you already know the power of being seen in the news.

Today, you have the opportunity to start being like them.

Just imagine the impact of your About the Author section including something like “.. [He/She] has also been on Forbes..”.

If you are in search of book promotion or marketing services with the desire to have a KDP dashboard like the below, keep reading.

Why do you need to be in the news?

Answer: You gain instant credibility and authority.

The two reasons why a potential buyer will not buy an advertised product is either:

  1. He/she doesn’t trust the store/seller, OR
  2. The price is too high

Lack of trust works in many ways. It could be something as simple as not trusting the store to ship the product after you make payment. Even if it’s $10, you wouldn’t pay someone $10 if you don’t expect to get anything yes?

This fear of the unknown is what makes new businesses struggle to find customers – it’s difficult to gain trust and credibility. And authors face the same difficulty when trying to sell books/ebooks.

How do we overcome lack of trust?

Start with the buyer's mindset when approaching a book

Since no book is prohibitively expensive, the ONLY reason why a reader wouldn’t buy your book is lack of trust. And you can’t blame them – if they have never heard anything about you until your book suddenly pops in front of them, how do you expect them to trust you?

If someone walked up to you on the street and said “buy this book” – you would probably walk away. You don’t trust the book because you know nothing about the author!

This is exactly what you are doing if you simply put your book online and hope that people will buy it.

The chicken-and-egg situation that all authors face

So the way to convince a reader that your book is good, is to have them read it. Yet until they are convinced that you are potentially good and that the book will not be a waste of their time and money, they are simply not going to buy it.

This creates the classic chicken-and-egg scenario. This is why plenty of businesses (being an author is a business) are desperate to get in the news. They know that being in the news is a reliable external factor that signals to their customers that they are good.

Many authors are always left wondering why potential readers wouldn’t pay a few bucks, since Kindle versions are so cheap anyway, to read a good book. It’s not about the money. You have not created sufficient reason for them to invest their time into reading your book.

Get featured on news sites to gain the required credibility and break out of the chicken-and-egg situation

By being featured on news sites, potential readers now reason with themselves as they ask “If this author was in the news, surely there must be a reason? No random author gets on news sites just like that”. And this is when they will click the buy button – they either believe that you are good or they will buy your book just to find out what exactly is so good about you? (That allows you to be in the news)

Get featured in the news!

What happens after we get you featured in the news?

You instantly become a highly-regarded author rather than a new, struggling author. As explained above, the ability for a new business to get new customers is all about trust. The same logic applies to a book - the ability for a new author to find new readers and sell books is also all about trust.

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Hard facts

70 million visitors a month

See Statista (image below) that shows the top 10 U.S. news sites’ monthly visitors in 2018. Since we are in 2020, that number would have increased as population increases.

If you calculate the average number of monthly visitors to these sites, it was 70 million per month, or 2.3 million per day. This means that on the day you get on these sites you have a potential reach of 2.3 million! (back in 2018)

100% money back guarantee

We put you on at least 1 of the top 10 news sites, if not you get 100% of your money back. No admin fee deduction, no payment processing fee deduction, simply no deduction at all.

Your end result will always be far better because you will likely end up on 2-3 of the top 10, plus many more mid-tier and small-tier news sites.

News feature:The #1 book promotion method

Maximum credibility + maximum visitor reach

What exactly will we do for you?See the proof for one of our clients

(Note that the author chose to promote his consulting service over his book as consulting revenue is way more than the price of a book)

Comparing other strategies

Paid ads

What would it cost you to show your book to 2.3 million readers on Facebook, Amazon, Google, or any other platform? In 2019 it cost around US$7 per 1000 views, so you’ll need over $16,000+ to reach 2.3 million people.

Paid ads on highly trusted news sites?

What if you just ran an advertisement on the news sites instead? That would cost you over $30k for a 1 month placement. After the month is over, your advertisement disappears. With what we offer, it’s a permanent link and placement.

Free methods?

What if you are really on a budget and wanted to try building a community/mailing list and using word of mouth? The monetary cost would definitely be low, probably close to zero, but you won’t be able to scale to millions because how do you get millions of people to trust you all of a sudden?

You’ll probably have a handful of friends who are willing to help you. Some friends of friends would probably help you too. How many does that add up to? If you can get to 5,000 subscribers in one month, you’re already pretty good.

The hidden cost is your time though – what is 1 month of your time worth, i.e. what is your job paying you or what could you make if you took on a temporary job for a month? All that time wasted for 5,000 subscribers is simply not worth it because only a fraction of those subscribers are actually going to purchase.

Want us to transform you into an international bestseller?

Comparing across methods, it's clear that a news feature is the best.

  1. Being an author in the news gives you priceless credibility and authority. This credibility and authority is what many would pay through the roof for.
  2. Most cost effective per-person reach.
  3. Increased effectiveness of any other promotion method. The natural effect of getting more trust is that your Facebook ads will cost less and it'll become far easier to get people to sign up to your list.

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Why are we the #1 choice company?

So it's clear why getting in major news sites will set you apart and boost your book sales, but why choose us?

How we started

We originally started out offering book cover design (only), adding other services along the way. After completing about 20,000 orders, we found our competitive advantage and today focus on 3 areas:

  1. Book cover design
  2. Book formatting
  3. Book promotion (what you are reading about right now)

Our experience

Our clients include authors published by the big 5 publishing houses – your HarperCollins, Penguin etc – and have been on multiple bestsellers’ lists, so you can be assured of our service standards.

However, the real industry-changing insights came from unknown authors who shared their journey with us. They let us know what worked for them and what didn’t. We knew that getting in the news was the number #1 thing that any author absolutely MUST do, if they want any kind of success with publishing.

100% money back guarantee

Anyone can offer to help you promote your books – whether they help to build your mailing list or to run Facebook ads. But probably no one has the confidence to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Offering to contact news channels is what anyone can offer, as anyone can make a call or send an email. But it took us an entire year’s work to be able to put together this solution that comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Go ahead, screenshot this section and the above for your assurance. (How many companies put their guarantee upfront like we do?)

What would it mean to you to get on the NBC News Network sites, or something similar?

This is something that most people can't even get, regardless of how hard they try.

Want to get on major news sites?

Click below to book a call with us. During this call, we will do 3 things:

  1. We will assess your suitability for our offering. Due to our 100% money back guarantee, we are not able to accept anyone and everyone. Acceptance is subject to our assessment.
  2. We will help you gain clarity on your book marketing plan. You probably would have realised by now that self-publishing is beautiful because anyone can publish, but that also means that you need to do everything yourself. We will help you to break down your marketing plan, stage by stage. This will ensure you handle the most important things first, and minor tasks can be left till later.
  3. We will answer any question you may have, so that any doubts will be clarified and you can get started immediately.

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