Author Background

Author Kishore Tipirneni is a highly respected orthopaedic doctor from Arizona. He decided to look for help with marketing his first novel as he lacked the marketing expertise and was also extremely busy as a medical professional.

Starting Point

Before hiring us, his book was ranking around #100,000 across the entire Kindle store. For those unfamiliar with Amazon’s Bestsellers Rank, it is simply Amazon ranking books by the number of sales it has done. Ranking #1 means you have sold the most books.

Note that we are referring to the Amazon Bestsellers Rank across all genres. While there is a Bestsellers Rank for each genre and sub-genre, #1 in a tiny sub-genre will sell less books than #1 in a general genre like Crime or Romance. Therefore using the Amazon Bestsellers Rank for the entire store regardless of genre is the best comparison.

What We Did For Him

In the competitive space of books and authors, we knew that getting featured on a top tier news site was the only way. This is because top tier news sites like Yahoo, HuffingtonPost, New York Times etc already have an international audience trusting it. By putting Kishore’s book on a top tier news site, it would truly set him apart from other typical first-time self-published authors.

In the end, we got Kishore featured on Yahoo News.

1 Day After Our Promotion

His book skyrocketed to rank at #10,507. Authors sell approximately $5,000 per month in revenue at the #10,000+ rank.

4 Months After Our Promotion

With our promotional push and great reviews on his book, he continued to climb the ranks to hit #2,408 in July 2020.

In the #2,000 – #3,000 rank range, authors earn approximately $10,000 per month. As your book rank starts to climb above this, that’s when it gets exponential growth. We estimate that revenues are around $100,000 per month for authors that rank under #1,000.

1 Year and 3 Months After Our Promotion

This screenshot was taken in June 2021, around 15 months after our news release in March 2020.

Therefore his book rank went from #100,000 to #10,000, then to around #2,000 at its peak. In between July 2020 and June 2021, we looked at his ranking from time to time and it was mostly between #6,000 – #10,000.

Based on his fluctuating rank, we can use an average of US$7,000 per month as a quick approximation. Since it has been 15 months, 15 months * $7,000 = $105,000.

As of 30 June 2020, his article is still live:

Kishore launches his 2nd book

This is Kishore’s second book launched in November 2020:

Now we have no idea what his full-time income actually is (nor can we disclose it if we knew) but given that the median orthopaedic surgeon in Arizona earns $490,000+ annually, it wouldn’t make sense to spend all that time writing books unless it made some decent amount of money.

Salary info from


We got Kishore featured on Yahoo. His Amazon bestseller rank was between #2,000 and #10,000. This approximately translates to USD$7,000 per month x 15 months (at the time of writing) = $105,000.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time author, or if you published your book 5 years ago. We can help you get featured on top tier news websites like we did for Dr Kishore.

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How to get more info

Why we do what we do

Keep reading to learn more about why we do marketing the way we do, compared to all the other options out there.

Want to see more examples of previous authors? Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Why does a news feature work so well?

At its core, it’s about trust and credibility that people have in major news sites like Yahoo.

Imagine if there was a new iPhone priced at $1,500 at the original Apple website. An ad then pops up in your Facebook or Instagram feed that offers you the chance to buy the new iPhone at $150 – a full 90% off. If the ad doesn’t lead you to the Apple website, but to some random store you’ve never heard of before, would you dare to take the risk?

Contrast this to having 90% deals on Amazon. The risk of a “too good to be true” deal is negated by the trusted brand name of Amazon.

This is why getting your book featured on a trusted news website makes your book trusted as well.

It’s the same reason why you ask your friends and family for recommendations. You trust them. If you don’t trust a certain friend, then you wouldn’t trust his/her recommendation.

It’s the same reason why celebrities get paid millions of dollars to endorse products. Think of a new weight loss supplement that pays a celebrity to endorse the product. If the celebrity was already slim, then it’s obvious that it’s not the new weight loss supplement that has helped the celebrity get a slim figure. However, people buy the weight loss supplement because they trust the celebrity. The celebrity’s trusted status is what helps them sell products. If celebrities endorsements don’t work, brands won’t be paying for them (every million dollars saved is a million dollars for the company to share!).

Notice something?

These authors are tapping into the trust and credibility that the New York Times has as an organisation. When the NYT creates a bestsellers’ list, people trust it. You could create your own bestsellers’ list but most likely people won’t trust you/your list.

Remember that to get into a bestselling list you must have already sold well. This is what most authors are mistaken about. Many authors think that you need to get into a bestselling list in order to start selling well. But the order is actually reversed. You get into the bestselling list AFTER you sell lots of books. Yet every author and publisher knows this trick too well. Adding a credibility indicator like the New York Times’ brand name helps the author to sell even more than before.

Why not target the bestsellers' list? Why do a news feature?

This is where it’s about weighing the options available to you. Unless you have a large following of 1 million followers to share your book with, it’s not likely you’ll sell 10,000 books in a week. (It takes around 10,000 books sold in a week to get on a bestsellers’ list)

Some others have bought their way into the bestsellers’ list by paying $30,000-$120,000 depending on the firm they use.

Since those 2 options don’t appeal or apply to most authors, this leaves us with the last option – getting featured on trusted, credible, brand-name news websites. Because people trust these sites like Yahoo, HuffPost, New York Times, getting featured in an article that’s posted to these news websites makes people who read the article trust you.

This is why you may sometimes go to a website and see “As Seen On” [insert news websites], followed by these logos below:

This is what is called building credibility by association. Because they trust those news sites, they trust you as well.

For any product, it’s typically a mix of trust and price that may prevent a person from buying it. But for a book, which typically ranges from $0.99-$19.90, we know that price is not the problem for 90% of the population.

That’s why we know that the only reason your audience wouldn’t buy your book is that they just don’t trust you.

It’s not about book quality because potential readers can’t tell your book is good until they actually read your book. It’s about having enough trust indicators – like getting featured on various news sites – that tip potential readers toward hitting that ‘Purchase’ button.

Is a news feature the only way to promote your book?

Definitely not. You can literally give flyers around the area you stay, but that may not be the most effective. When it comes to marketing, it’s a balance of number of people you can reach, effectiveness of the method and cost.

For example, paid ads (like Facebook ads) allow you to reach people but don’t allow you to effectively build trust. They may see your ads multiple times, but that doesn’t mean they trust you more.

Paid editorial reviews build trust if your reader trusts the person or company giving the review, but you still need to promote the review to an audience or else no one sees it. Reader reviews are actually great, but unless you are paying for fake reviews, reviews are normally gained by selling copies. It’s just a natural occurrence that 3-5% of your readers will leave a review.

A news feature for your book is a perfect balance of all the factors because news sites are highly trusted by many people and news sites are also visited by many people.

The number 1 reason clients choose us

Other PR agencies will probably charge you US$3,000 per month with a 3-6 month retainer. This means you are going to spend US$9,000 at minimum.

But we know how challenging it is for authors to do PR because each book could be anywhere from $0.99 to $19.90 (typically). Unlike the real estate or financial industries which have high margins, thus allowing them to spend excessively on PR, it’s going to take 3,000 book sales at $3 each to cover $9,000. And if Amazon takes a 30% fee for selling on their marketplace, technically you need to sell US$13,000 of books just to cover the PR cost.

We’ve made it possible to get similar PR at less than a fraction of what these PR firms charge and with no retainers/long-term contract.

It takes money to make money

Unfortunately the line “it takes money to make money” still holds true. Again, you could give out flyers all day long but it’d take an excruciatingly long time to reach a significant number of people.

Anyone with a large advertising budget will always have an advantage. You could start a food business from home and let word of mouth grow slowly because your cooking is great. However, if you have an advertising budget then more people are going to learn about your business at a much faster rate.

To put your mind at ease, our prices aren’t even 20% of what major PR firms charge. The only ‘catch’ is that we’ll only help authors with genuine books. But our package also comes with a guarantee.

Aren't there free marketing methods? I don't want to spend money.

The problem of free marketing methods are that they are either overused or ineffective. Imagine if there was a website (think Craigslist) where anyone could post for free, and imagine that 10 million people visit it everyday. What would happen is that so many people will post and then your post will quickly be pushed down. Then you need to start posting more often to be at the top, but others will do the same.

The other problem of ‘free’ is that it probably involves time/effort. Telling your friend or your neighbor is completely free. But if you needed to go door to door to tell everyone, it’s going to take a really long time just to reach 1,000 people.

Any marketing method that’s readily available to many people will simply become ineffective over the long run.

Or here’s an alternative way to think about time vs money:

The typical author would have spent $200 on a cover, perhaps $200 on formatting, and maybe $500 on editing. That’s $900, not including your time wasted writing the book.

If you spent a month writing the book, your opportunity cost is basically 1 month of your salary. Whatever that is, whether it’s $1,500 or $5,000, it’s still a cost to you in terms of time.

You can choose to spend $0 on marketing and let all of that effort go to waste, or spend an appropriate amount on marketing that gets you credibility and exposure.

Entrepreneurs will already know this. They don’t need every business idea to work. But when one business idea does work, they know it’ll pay off. Similarly, some authors are just a promotion or two away from achieving the success they want.

Perhaps a news feature will be the nudge you need.

Let us see if we can help you, and if we can we’ll let you know the cost to do it for you. If not, no worries because applying is totally free.

2021 Warning

Some sites are already starting to mark certain news articles as “Advertising Content”, “Branded Content”, “Paid Content”, etc. As this trend picks up, the number of sites that do not have such a label will continue to drop therefore it is important for authors to act fast.

Yahoo News is one of those sites that does not have such labels yet, making it appear editorial and organic in nature.

Steps for Getting Featured on Yahoo

1) Apply online by providing some information about your book

(Applying is free and takes you 5 minutes)

2) If we can do this for you, we’ll share the full package details

3) Should you wish to go ahead, we’ll do a write up on you then get you featured on Yahoo + other authority news sites

(If you don’t like what we’re offering for whatever reason, that’s totally fine)

4) If we fail, you get a 100% refund

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us at if you have additional questions

Q: Can you get us on radio or TV shows?

This is not a service we offer for 2 reasons:

  1. Once a TV segment or radio slot is over, people cannot find it again. This is in contrast to being posted on a news website – people can find you again
  2. The effort (and hence cost to you) involved to get on TV/radio is much higher, and without guarantee, therefore it’s not cost effective

Q: News sites aren't useful because they aren't a targeted audience

While it’s true that not everyone visiting a news site like Yahoo will be interested in your book, it’s important to understand the number of visitors per month is 175 million – source:

For a general audience, imagine that there are 20 broad genres and so each genre interests 5% of the audience. For Yahoo News, that’s 8.75million visitors potentially interested in your book. If you can get a 0.1% conversion rate out of 8.75million, that’s 8,750 books sold.

Q: Why don't I just email these news sites on my own?

Yes you could. In fact it’s very easy to collect contacts and emails for around 50 news outlets. The real difficulty comes from being able to list 500 news sites, and then collecting their contacts.

Try opening an excel sheet and naming 500 news sites. It’s easy to name and list 10-20 news outlets but it becomes difficult after naming 50 news sites. There’s just no ‘master list’ of all news outlets in the world.

If you had to spend 5 minutes thinking of a news outlet name and then collecting the contact, that would be 2,500 minutes for 500 news outlets. 2,500 minutes is approximately 42 hours, or a full week of work. If you were to add in the time spent emailing and following up, that could easily double to 2 weeks of work. If you made $2,000 a month, 2 weeks is $1,000 of your time. Hiring us is definitely more cost effective.

And to make things worse, there’s no guarantee that you will get featured by putting in the work. With our service, you will get featured or get 100% of your money back.

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How We Help Authors

Example #1



What happened?

Our client’s initial situation: “I’ve had only a few sales here and there despite my multiple marketing strategies, and I’ve had very good reviews, but still, people just don’t seem to want to pay a measly $2.99 to buy it and I’ve lost several hundred dollars.”

What we did

This client already had good reviews organically from people who read it. The problem was that he was not good at marketing it. Again, we always tell our clients that the paradox of books is that readers don’t buy until they feel the book is good yet they won’t know the book is good until they actually read it.

We helped him to improve his book summary, put him on the PR Super Package, ran Amazon ads concurrently. The exposure, coupled with the author’s writing ability, allowed him to achieve a breakthrough month.

Example #2

“I was very happy on the day that the news article was published. On that day I sold around $3000 of books.”

– Kalm, author of a 7-book Thai-to-English series

What happened?

Kalm came to us around Oct 2019 and wanted to promote his Thai-to-English book targeted at travelers. As a freelance translator-cum-travel guide, he had in-depth knowledge on helping travelers pick up the basics of Thai within days.

What we did

We helped him to prepare for a PR blast and had everything ready by November. Then we timed it (to the best that we could) and launched it when travel season was in full swing.

He has now turned his single Thai-to-English for travelers book into an entire series. This has provided him good income to cushion against the fall in tourism due to Covid-19, which has caused a drop in his earnings from providing translation services.

Example #3

Still need more examples?

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